Beaufort Arts & Music

Beaufort Arts and Music is a volunteer-run, 501c3 nonprofit organization working with and in the community to bring tourism and music to Beaufort and to the Crystal Coast.

For over 30 years, the festival has taken place in May in historic Beaufort. The town is packed on Friday and Saturday with amazing bands, food and a fun-filled kid’s area.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the beautiful weather and some pretty great music. As laid back as the festival weekend is, it actually takes a whole year to plan.

The volunteer-run festival committee works tirelessly to get the final weekend ready to go. Fundraising occurs throughout the year by sponsorships and sanctioned events; these events serve to bring people together in a unique way and promote local art, activities and a community feeling.

Since 1990

Bringing Arts & Music to the Community

The money raised from the events goes toward funding the May festival but also goes back into the community, specifically the community’s children.

As much as we are into our community, we are equally into its music. We live it. We breathe it.

You won’t want to miss the most amazing music festival and the best weekend in Beaufort!

Local Artists

Beaufort Arts and Music proudly champions the talents of local musicians and artists. Through our annual festival, we provide a platform for amazing bands and artisans to showcase their creativity to locals and tourists alike. By planning year-round fundraising and sponsorships, we not only foster an appreciation for local art but also create an atmosphere that unites people around a shared love for music and culture.

Supporting Youth

The Beaufort Arts and Music Festival is not just about entertainment; it’s about investing in our future. The money raised from our festival and year-round events goes back into the community, specifically towards enriching the lives of our children. Through our commitment to fostering a fun-filled kid’s area and other community initiatives, we’re nurturing the talents and dreams of the next generation.


Community lies at the heart of everything we do at Beaufort Arts and Music. Our volunteer-run organization works tirelessly to promote a sense of unity and celebration within Beaufort and the Crystal Coast. By organizing events that bring people together, we cultivate a community feeling that transcends the festival weekend. Join us in celebrating not just great music, but the vibrant spirit of our community!