Festival Information

This is a spectacular two day music event at the Gallants Channel waterfront venue in Beaufort, NC!

Location – 293 W. Beaufort Rd. Ext., Beaufort NC

Friday, May 19, 2023 – Gate opens at 4:30pm, music starts at 5pm

Saturday, May 20, 2023 – Gate opens at 11:30am, music starts at 12pm

Good to know before you go:

  • MOVING TOWARDS CASHLESS – We encourage you to NOT use cash. This will make things run more efficiently for everyone. We plan to be entirely cashless by 2024. ***Cash tips to bartenders are ok.
  • NO outside alcohol (Help us abide by ABC laws).
  • A FREE water truck will be on site so each person is permitted and encouraged to bring ONE empty reusable water bottle.
  • No coolers***
  • No outside food or drinks***
  • Food trucks will be on site.
  • Vendors will be on site.
  • NO “tailgating” in parking lots in Beaufort.
  • Low chairs ARE allowed, though not directly in front of the stage.
  • No umbrellas. Shade tents will be provided.
  • Bikes ARE allowed (and encouraged!) – Bring your own lock. Bike racks near entrance.
  • Sunscreen and rain gear are a good idea. Its Eastern North Carolina, you never know.
  • Bug spray is also a good idea.
  • VERY limited paid parking will be available onsite at Gallants Channel both days of the festival – $20/vehicle. PLEASE carpool, use uber/lyft, bikes, taxis, walk, etc. if you are able.
  • A VERY limited 22 person shuttle will be available from Beaufort Elementary School, located at 110 Carraway Dr. in Beaufort:
    • Families with children or special needs will get preference over those who do not. We hope you can understand this decision!
    • This is a FREE shuttle but $5 donations are suggested
    • Friday 4pm till 11pm
    • Saturday 11am till 12am
  • Only service dogs will be permitted. We ask you to please clean up after them!
  • This is an all ages event equipped with a kid’s area! 16 and under are FREE!
  • ***Our vendors are ready with a variety of delicious food and beverage options! However, if you or your children have special food needs or dietary restrictions, we will allow small personal coolers for food items ONLY. All coolers will be subject to search upon entrance to the festival, as ABC laws prohibit any outside alcoholic beverages.

About the Beaufort Music Festival

Beaufort Arts and Music is a volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit organization working with and in the community to bring tourism and music to Beaufort and to the Crystal Coast.

The festival takes place in May on Beaufort’s historic waterfront. The town is packed on Friday and Saturday with amazing bands performing, food, and a fun-filled kid area.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the beautiful weather and some pretty great music. As laid back as the festival weekend is, it actually takes a whole year to plan.

The volunteer-run festival committee works non-stop to get the final weekend ready to go. Fundraising events are organized throughout the year; these events serve to bring people together in a unique way and promote local art, activities and a community feeling.

The money raised from the events goes toward funding the May festival but also goes back into the community, specifically the community’s children.

As much as we are into our community, we are equally into its music. We live it. We breathe it.

You won’t want to miss the most amazing music festival and the best weekend in Beaufort!

2023 will mark the 33rd annual Beaufort Music Festival.

The Beaufort Music Festival is a two-day event taking place this year on Friday, May 19th, and Saturday, May 20th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a not-for-profit organization; no one involved with the Music Festival will make a dime from this event. All of the money we make from the Festival (from fundraising events; sponsors; donations; and ticket, merchandise, and alcohol sales) is used to produce the Festival, either to pay for this year or to be put towards the next years event. In addition, as mentioned, we will be donating a significant portion of any profits over our total operating costs to various children’s arts programs in the county. The BMF is proud to support music and arts in the community!

Is this a family-friendly event?

Kids of all ages are encouraged to come out and celebrate this wonderful weekend. Kids are also encouraged to bring their parents to the family fun area! Thanks to the good folks at the Alexander and Marjorie Hover Foundation for sponsoring the family area and to the volunteers of Beaufort Elementary and the Tiller School for their hard work!

This sounds great! How can I be a part of it?

The Beaufort Music Festival is a community-supported event; many of our past volunteers have said that the time they spend volunteering at the festival is the best part of their festival experience. If you are interested in volunteering, please check back closer to the festival for our volunteer sign-up link.

Aside from knowing that you are a critical part of the BMF while getting to enjoy an amazing series of shows, you will also receive a gift of our appreciation. The more slots you choose the more love we shower you with! Please contact BMF at info@beaufortartsandmusic.org if you have any questions.

Is alcohol allowed?

You can support the festival for years to come by purchasing beer or wine during the festival; as per ABC rules, no outside alcohol is allowed.

How is this Festival supported?

The festival is supported through fundraising events held year-round, donations, merchandise and sponsorships. If you would like to donate, go here. If you or your business are interested in current or future sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@beaufortmusicfestival.com

How many years has the festival existed?

2023 will mark the 33rd annual Beaufort Music Festival.

How many days does the festival last?

The Beaufort Music Festival is a two day event taking place this year on Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th.